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GenderSwap Books republishes classic English-language novels that are out of copyright. There’s just one key difference: we swap the gender of the characters from male to female and vice versa. Intrigued? Find out more in our frequently asked questions

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Dracula [Gender-Swapped]

cover art dracula genderswap books

Enjoy the genre-defining vampire novel as you’ve never experienced it, as Joanna Harker’s journey to Transylvania brings her into a close encounter with the terrifying Countess Dracula…

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

cover art genderswap books strange case of dr jekyll and ms hyde gender swapped

Explore the classic tale of man’s dual nature through a new lens, as a London lawyer investigates the mysterious relationship between her old friend Dr. Helen Jekyll, and the notorious Ms. Hyde… 

The Time Traveller [Gender Neutral]

cover art genderswap books the time machine gender swapped

Coming soon – H.G. Wells’ classic novel The Time Machine, with one important difference: it’s entirely gender-neutral and all characters are referred to with they/them pronouns.

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