Dracula (Gender Swapped)


Bram Stoker’s classic vampire novel, with one key difference: all male characters have been swapped to female and vice versa.



Dracula Gender Swapped Cover Art

Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula, with one key difference: the gender of the characters.

In this gender swapped edition of the definitive vampire novel, all male characters have been swapped to female, and vice versa. With edits kept to a minimum, you can enjoy the classic Gothic novel as you’ve never experienced it, as Joanna Harker’s journey to Transylvania brings her into a close encounter with the terrifying Countess Dracula. Before long, Dracula’s plan to move to England in search of new blood is underway, and Joanna’s family and friends are also under threat from the undead curse…

All GenderSwap Books eBooks include a character listing detailing the original character names against the new gender-swapped equivalents. We also include a comprehensive set of notes which detail the edits made to the original text.

On making your purchase, you’ll be able to download this eBook directly. Our GenderSwap Books are sold as ePub files, which are the most widely-supported eBook format, compatible with most e-readers other than Kindle. If you’re a Kindle user, you can instead buy the Kindle version of this eBook on Amazon.


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